I don’t always love poetry when I’m reading it. Sometimes it is too hard to grasp. Too obscure, bizarre; too wordy and doesn’t flow. Or sometimes it feels like the poet is just too egotistical — so pleased with his or her prowess with words that they forget the whole purpose is to try to connect with their reader!

I write poetry for myself. But I hope that I also make it simple and straight-forward enough that it will be easy-reading for you. And enjoyable, or meaningful, or touching.  I hope it will help you “get” me. And perhaps recognize something of yourself, as well.

Sometimes I am so impressed with other people’s poetry, I’m left pondering it for hours, and think I could never write something so spectacular, so lasting. But sometimes, I’m impressed with what comes out of me, too. I don’t follow all the rules. I can’t tell you the difference between a sonnet and an ode. But when something happens in my life and a poem starts drumming its beat in my head, and the words begin piecing themselves together before I can even write them down, I know it is something asking to be written. So I sit with pen in hand, and it spills out. Always, there is a sense of relief when I know it is done. A satisfaction for having listened to the beat. And most of the time, I’m surprised by what secret had wanted to be shared. What truth is now known. Sometimes it is a frightening truth, which I don’t quite have the courage to act on. Sometimes it’s a gentle nudge that can move me forward.

This discovery is why I love poetry when I’m writing it. But I recognize, you are still a reader. Let me know if you can love my poetry, even though.